It’s Not Only Baffling, It is Annoying and Disgraceful….

Can anyone tell me, why a MAJOR corporation with its Headquarters and Fifty-four (YES, 54) District Offices in the United States, forces U.S. customers to speak to customer Services reps in India and other countries where they can barely speak English?
I needed billing help with my Microsoft Office monthly account.  It is Friday, it was not that late when I began my quest for help, and on the West Coast where their headquarters and a quarter of their officers are, it was still standard business time.
Yet, I was sent to India for help, and the first two women I spoke to, could not even say my email address back to me properly. I was not about to give them my credit card number to verify my account….it’s another country, if my card was compromised, how would I get any sort of retribution? No Thank You!  Finally after being passed around India and then a trip to I am guess by the lady’s accent, Germany, I finally got assistance from someone with a British accent that at least was able to communicate with me and we could understand each other.  I was able to get my problem solved without giving my card information, and everything worked out fine for me. My issue though is, why during normal business hours are we sent to outsource people that do not possess the ability to carry on a conversation in English?  I could understand if it was a foreign company but it is a  very large and very wealthy company. This is not acceptable at all.
Something needs to be done about this. Not only are they giving jobs to those in other countries instead of here where there are many people that need jobs, but, they make is hard for their American customers to get assistance and with all the identity thefts and  credit/debit card breeches that are happen lately, no one is comfortable giving their info over the phone to someone in another county!!!
I may sound rude, but I am ready to boycott any company that outsources.
There, my rant for today is over…